Dinner at East Coast Park

D managed to book out of camp early today. They were given a totally unexpected half-day today, which they believe to be the result of the Royal Wedding of England’s Prince William & Kate Middleton.

A beautiful couple~ 

I still remember the time I was a little girl and I first laid eyes on Prince William. It was love at first sight..haha. Okay, maybe not. But at that age, I remember falling in love with his charisma and good looks.

But back to reality…not every girl can live her princess’ dream.
And I’m stuck with HIM.

He is my very own Prince Charming and no one is taking him away from me.

So we went to my favorite food spot in Singapore! East Coat Lagoon Food Centre! Like I told him, it beats Chomp Chomp Food Centre and Newton Food Centre anytime!

I was craving for barbecued chicken wings… and of course, the sweetheart ordered a plate for me. I wished there were more but that would have made me look inelegantly greedy.

Fish Soup to cleanse our palette as we savour the other epicurean guilty pleasures of the night.

How can we forget our beloved Roxy Laska? Looks scrumptious, doesn’t it?

And to conclude the night….








I am blessed.