Boyfriend’s 22nd Birthday

Last night was a special one for my boyfriend. It was the night of his actual 22nd birthday and I had a dinner surprise planned for him.

But because I wasn’t going to tell him where it was (that’s why it’s called a surprise), I told him to meet me right smack in the middle of the Singapore – Cityhall.

At 5.30, we still had an hour to waste before our 7.30pm dinner reservation at the ‘secret’ place.

We passed by Pet Lover’s Centre along what is it called…Esplanade link? the one that connects the train station to Raffles City..??? Ok, doesn’t matter. We saw this unusual-looking animal through the glass window. Looked like a guinea pig, yet nothing like one. It was almost completely furless!!

The sign did say they were guinea pigs.. but i think they made a mistake. It said “I am a Skinny Pig”, “My breed is Guinea Pig”.
I would think it’s more like “I am a guinea pig”. And don’t laugh at how adorably ugly it looks. It costs $555 each!! Haha. That’s crazy!

While I was trying to get good shots, my boyfriend began bugging me to leave for dinner. Think he was either excited or hungry, or both. LOL. A hungry man is an angry man…

Okay, didn’t want him to end up eating me. We left Cityhall…

Reached Amara Hotel… 

At the entrance :)

At the hotel lobby, waiting for the lift.

Me looking at the menu outside the restaurant.

Don’t be shocked by the prices.
Each plate of sashimi (5 slices) costs from S$25 – S$60
Plain Chawanmushi was S$12.
Sharksfin Chawanmushi was S$32.
Sushi (a pair) ranged from S$10 to S$38.
Main courses like Chasoba was S$18. I think my boy was trying to either conceal disappointment that we could’ve had a buffet with that money instead, or that his shock at the prices. LOL.

The chef on the far right is Chef Santaro himself.

Very traditional dining ambience. If only the waitresses dressed up as Geishas. They did wear those jap robes, but not kimonos… and not white faces, pink cheeks and red lips. LOL

Our first order came. It was the Assorted Sushi Platter ($50/-). There was tuna, salmon, swordfish, fresh scallop and cuttlefish.

We also ordered for him his Claypot Udon. OMG! If you ever go there to eat. You have to try the Udon! I think it was freshly handmade or something cos it was so silky! And I’m not being overly kind with my words here. It was just beyond us. Must must must try!

Next up was Teriyaki Chicken ($15/-). It was really yummy. I told my boy that we’ll order 10 of it the next time we go there. Haha. For the portion and the price, in comparison to the other menu items, the teriyaki chicken was worth it.

Then came our Unagi no Kabayaki  (S$32/-). Trust me when I say  that this is perhaps the most well-done unagi i’ve tried. It was so soft and smooth – quite literally melt-in-your-mouth.

My boy was just being really cute! He does this all the time whenever we are out.
That’s the entire wall of awards and accolades the restaurant has earned itself in the past. They won themselves the title of Best Restaurant in various categories from Wine & Dine, Singapore Tatler, etc. All for the years from 1999 to 2010. Not bad eh?

We ended the night with a shot of the two of us in the lift down. He had to wake up at 6am the following morning to return to Khatib camp.
Would have loved to spend the night with him but I was being spoilt and didn’t want to wake up so early only to travel an hour back home the next day. Haha.

I love you big boy!!

Boyfriend’s Eve-Of-Birthday Celebration

This weekend was really special. It’s unlike our usual because my boyfriend finally turns 22!! Reality is, you’ll never be forever 21! haha.

So, our weekend only began on Sunday morning because of his saturday practice for our National Day parade. Here’s a glimpse of what he’ll be doing. Got the pic from his Facebook photos.

He’ll be having this weekly practice till National Day itself. Sobs. Meaning all our Saturdays together are burned :(

Anyway, since our weekend kicked off on sunday, we decided to have a mini birthday celebration with his two close friends.

From church that morning, we had lunch before we traveled to Pasir Ris to meet them.

He was being my very own paparazzi… taking random pictures of me…haha. I love his nonsense.

Once we all met up, his friend drove us to Changi beach where we just hung out for a while. It was about an hour too early for our dinner reservation. Lots of time to waste.The planes flying off from Changi Airport were literally flying above us. One in every 5 minutes. The view was simply breath-taking!

That’s all of us. Me on the far left, Meng Kiat in the bright blue Tommy Hilfiger and Raymond at the back with his girlfriend, Erica.

After strolling back and forth for nearly an hour, we hopped back into Raymond’s car and drove to Changi Hotel where we were going to have our dinner.

The second Raymond wound down his car’s window, my hair started getting blown all over my face! Haha.

Haha. My hair was super messy!!! LOL.

And before we knew it, we were at Changi Village Hotel’s La Cantina in Venezia.

Our table overlooked the golf course. And this was my view from where I was seated.They gave us a complimentary basket of bread with vinaigrette. I l loved how soft the bread was.

Soon came our Linguine Al Granchio ($26.90), which is crabmeat linguine in creamy tomato sauce.
Let me tell you, the crabmeat is not those pink & white crabstick… It’s the REAL thing. You can see how generous they are with the portions. We loved it so much, we ordered two servings. 

Next in line was their Pescatora Pasta ($26.90) – shell-fish, gigantic prawns, squid & scallop in light spicy tomato sauce.
Not my fave, but the seafood portions exceeded our expectation. I would recommend the crabmeat linguine for its rich and flavorful sauce, but not this.
I felt that the sauce for this pasta dish would have tasted better if it were slightly thicker and given an added kick of spiciness. We also ordered their Prosciutto Funghi Pizza ($22.90), topped with pomodoro. mozzarella, ham & mushroom. It’s great for low-carb dieters cos the crust is really thin – just like the ones at Skinny Pizza.

The fifth dish we ordered was the Vongole Spaghetti ($21.90). It’s pasta with clams in white wine sauce. And once again, wonderfully generous with the portions. Dinner was just magnificent! We sat in the company of great friends, enjoyed delicious Italian food and watched the beautiful sunset.

After dinner, we surprised him with a birthday cake we bought at the hotel. Spent quite a sum on the cake and it didn’t even taste all that nice. It was nice, just not irresistibly nice.

They presented my boyfriend with a gift from Armani Exchange. My gift to him was his Playstation 3, which I got a few weeks ago and is currently sitting in his living room now. And he uses it to kill zombies and kill Vietnam war soldiers. Haha.And after our dinner and cake, you won’t believe what we spent the next two hours doing… 

Yup. Everyone was on their own phones… playing this game app called Hanging With Friends. Haha.

We had such a great time. But this was only the eve of his birthday. I had another surprise in store for him. That, I’ll blog in my next post. Stay tuned!!