Sawadee-ka Amazing Thailand (ll)

Sawadee-ka Amazing Thailand
Day 3 (6th October 2011)

Woke up at 10am the next morning and the first thing I did right after freshening up was gather all that i bought the day before and snap it! Haha.

And while i was doing that, my bf was being a geek checking out the freshly introduced iphone 4S. He actually stayed up the night before to watch the keynote and all. Crazy!

We left the hotel and headed for the 7-Eleven nearby to get ourselves some drinks. Saw this shelf of CP food products. Singapore has limited stuff like the frozen shrimp wantons, but they… they have an entire range!

Even hotdogs and ham!

So we took the cab down to Platinum Mall – the budget fashion mall for all fashionistas!

This was him in the cab during the full one-hour ride! Tsk.

Arrived at the mall and went to energize ourselves with lunch!

Got Thai seafood fried rice.

Fried (and excessively oily) seafood omelette. Very similar to the oyster omelette we have in Singapore, except this has oyster, shrimp and squid.

Had seafood tom yam too!

Thai iced milk tea!! Way better than the ones you get at KOI or Gong Cha!! But it’s way too sweet. Was hoping to wait for the ice to melt and dilute it, but bf said its meant to be THAT sweet, so he just finished it. Trust me, it was like 5 times sweeter.





After an almost futile attempt to wipe out my Thai baht at Platinum Mall, we decided we’ll go back another day and move on to Central World.

Went there and helped a friend buy like 2,000 baht worth of contact lenses. Walked around and toured the mall for a while and in the process, we actually came across an entire TV crew filming a movie of sorts. Pretty cool.

Again, it was only 5 plus in the afternoon but it felt so much like it was time for dinner. There were so many options to choose from! We didn’t know if we should go for a shabu shabu buffet, steamboat buffet, sushi buffet or international buffet. But in the end, we found this restaurant serving an international buffet spread the most appealing.

Gustoso was its name!

We had cabonara and bolognese pasta.
Stir fried garlic squid.

Pork chop.

Sausages with mushroom sauce


After dinner, we took a cab back to the Sutthisan district where our hotel was. We had made an appointment for a 10pm -11pm Thai foot massage for both of us. Was only 150 baht per person, which converts to S$6 plus an hour. Cheap right?!

Enjoying every second of it! :D

Haha. He’s falling asleep!!

One hour later, I was a happy happy happy girl!!!

Sawadee-ka Amazing Thailand (l)

Sawadee-ka Amazing Thailand
(Day 1 & 2: 4th Oct – 5th Oct 2011)

Couple of weeks back was the start of my end-semester school break. I took a short trip up to Bangkok, Thailand with my sweetheart boyfriend. Our flight was in the evening, so we had a simple dinner at Terminal 1 and found ourselves eagerly awaiting for our check-in time.

Sat at the departure hall, looking at planes land and hoping time would pass faster.

Before we knew it, it was time!

It was a smooth and quick two-hour flight from Singapore to Bangkok!

My first official photo taken at the airport in Bangkok!

We took the train from the airport to our hotel. By then, it was only 10pm Bangkok time, which is 1 hour behind Singapore’s.

Snack bar was pretty decent considering our hotel was only SGD$30 a night.

We were hungry and to our surprise, there was a convenience store right next to our hotel. Bought Thai Basil Chicken Rice at only S$2.80! WTF?!? Cheap right?? Slept almost immediately after our supper! Haha.

Next morning, we took the train from our hotel to the city!

Arrived at Mah Boon Khrong (MBK Mall) and decided to have our lunch at MK Restaurant. Its a relatively affordable Thai steamboat dining concept.

Ordered the vegetable set at 200-plus baht (S$7) and cuttlefish.

Also ordered their very popular roast duck at again 200-plus baht. It was so yummy and the sauce is Da Bomb!

After our cheap and satisfying lunch, we went to get a 3G SIM card for calling and internet surfing. Essential for directions around the country. Costed only S$10 for a month’s usage validity. Not bad huh?

We went straight to this tailor called IBERIS – recommended by friend.

Tried on some business jackets and finally settled on one. Made him a very happy boy!

After one, two hours of shopping at MBK, we walked across the street to SIAM Paragon. This is like the mall for the money-loaded of Thailand. Haha.

Went to the huge supermarket at the basement of the mall. Saw some authentic Thai food paste that filled an entire shelf. Decided to buy some home for my mum, since she loves to cook so much. Got Thai green curry, Tom Yum, Tom Kha Khai and can’t remember what more.

Boyfriend and I walked past this amazing ice cream shop with the most beautiful food presentation ever! He got a scoop of the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate one and yay, i had something to nom nom on.

Also saw this cake shop outside the supermart. Look at the cakes! Like seriously, Singapore should have pretty designs like this instead of angry birds that look more like wild boars than birds. Haha.

After our shopping, it was already 5 plus. Felt like 6 cos we were still in the Singapore time zone. Settled at Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.

He ordered burger with fries…

And I got some citrus lemon chicken salad.

Walked around a little more along the streets then took the train back. Unfortunately (or should I say, devastatingly), it started storming like hell when we arrived at our stop. We had no umbrella and there was no way we were able to flag a cab in this weather.

We waited at the station for about half an hour and decided to conquer the rain by making it to a cafe nearby. At least we could sit it out over hot chocolate or something. Got here and phew, felt so much better.

The rain didn’t subside, but we managed to call our hotel shuttle service to pick us from where we were.

And if you didn’t think much of the ‘storm’ i was talking about. Here’s proof. It was flooded! Thank goodness we got back safely. Showered, dried ourselves up and we were back to sanity. Haha.