Need a Good Workout Really Badly!

Feel super fat! Need to work out and burn off all that crazy calories that are now haunting me!

Today is day one. Shall take it slow.
Doing slow- mo stationary biking as I blog this. Haha.

Thirty minutes have passed. Let’s hope I can go on for another 15 mins. Lol!

I’m freakin’ unfit can! Haven’t worked out at the gym since I-don’t-know-when!

Need to motivate my bf and I need him to motivate me. How?? Like blind leading the blind.

Faith cannot be measured

(note: I’m not going to mention any names in this blog post. It’s up to you to guess, but I’m still not saying anything :x)
Here goes…
I was asked this afternoon over lunch if I went to church in the morning. To which I replied a straight ‘no’.
At that point in time, knowing this person (we shall call X) well enough, I was quite certain my answer had plotted my route to battle – one which was my own to fight.

True enough, as I waited that few seconds for a response, I could sense the atmosphere around me change 180. “I’m doomed,” I thought.

X asked why I’ve stopped and I was about to defend myself but only managed a few words, which faded along the way as X interrupted, once again with “why have you suddenly stopped?” I knew an attempt at answering this time wasn’t going to be any different, so I kept quiet.
“You must continue going to church…”, I nodded and smiled sheepishly in defeat.
“You know, you must have faith…you cannot lose your faith in God, okay? Faith is very important. I know of many other churches you can go to.. Do your parents still go to church?…” wait a second, let’s back up a little.
you must have faith…you cannot lose your faith in God, okay?
I collected myself before a still defensive “I still have my faith in God.”

And that’s what I want to talk about: I still have my faith in God.

Why do people automatically assume that someone like me who does not attend church service regularly, is one who does not have faith?!?

I may not have facts or figures on hand, but I am certain that there are people who go to church every week without fail, for 50 years straight, and still the littlest bit of faith compared to some others who don’t go to church at all, but still maintain a close relationship with God.

What I’m saying is that Christianity is NOT about going to church. Why do so many of you think that way? It’s about a relationship with God. You won’t lose faith just cos you don’t go to church!!

And you know what’s even more wrong? Making judgement against people’s faith. You don’t decide how much faith they have. They jolly well know how much they have of it and you don’t have to go around telling them they don’t have faith while implying you do cos you go to church. It doesn’t work that way.

Everyone has their unique walk with God. We have our private conversations with him, our struggles that only He knows of, our cries for help that only He hears, our tears that only He sees, and our pain that only He feels.

That’s part of the relationship we have with Him that you don’t know of, do you?

When the Bible says judge and you too will be judged, believe it or not, it’s true. When you questioned my faith, in the act of judging me, I was close to secretly questioning yours too. I stopped my thoughts in time cos I would be accountable to God for that, and I wouldn’t want that to happen.

I have my reasons for not going to church, which I believe you don’t know zilch about. God knows. He’s dealing with it. You have your walk, I have mine. Let’s leave it as that.