A New Year, A New Beginning

It’s day 3 of the new year. I would think that most of us have already done all our necessary reflections, bid our farewells, penned down resolutions, and probably said our big hello to 2012.

Well, I for one have certainly done all that. Okay, I’m quite a cynic when it comes to this whole ‘New Year resolutions’ hoo-ha. I think it’s primarily because I’ve never never never ever once managed to successfully accomplish an entire list (or even half of it). However, after much thought, I decided that this year, I’m really going to put my mind into it.

I will try my very best to have 50 percent of my resolutions struck off by the end of the year!

So far, I’ve got four resolutions stated clearly on paper. Many others still floating around, but I’ll eventually decide on what I’ll do with them.

On the morning of 2nd January, I woke up to a full-page long email from a college student in New York. She read a post in another blog of mine and thought she’d take the step of asking me for relationship advice.

Of course, I felt more than honored to be her source of comfort and consolation, more so with me being a complete stranger to her.

Here’s a nugget about me:
I grew up, from as young as 9 years old, filled with the desire to reach out to people in need. This doesn’t just apply to friends and family. I have, in fact, volunteered with charities that distribute food to construction workers who were too poor to support themselves in Singapore (that’s like 10 year ago); I have given 2 years of my life to volunteering with the blind, intellectually disabled, autistic and people with down syndrome; and I’ve also been trying to lend my hand to support just about anyone I stumble upon who seems to be in need of emotional guidance.

I understand that I am not always completely secure in my own emotional state to also carry the burden of others. But there’s this thing about me. I seem to place my needs second to that of others. I’ll put my problems aside to deal with helping someone else first. And that doesn’t always work out well for me, but the feeling I get when I see that person smile again is just priceless.

So when I received that email asking me for help, I know that my resolution to impact someone’s life in 2012, might very well be achieved sooner than I thought.

Once I click ‘publish’ on this blog post, I’ll be off to click ‘send’ on that email reply to her.

So long, and have a blessed year ahead!