Celebrating grandma’s 79th Birthday

Celebrating Grandma’s 79th Birthday

My grandma tuns 79 on the 27th of this month. I remember us celebrating her birthday last year at River Palace Chinese Restaurant like it was yesterday. Time surely passes fast. Soon enough, I’ll get married, have kids, settle down, and find myself in the same position she is today. But till that time comes, there’s still 50-odd years for me to discover more about life and how I want to live mine to the fullest.

As for her, she’s gone through her share of ups and downs, and like all birthdays, we celebrate hers with a dinner joined by the family that loves her most.

.This year, she requested for a simple dinner. She didn’t want anything too extravagant or expensive.
In fact, she suggested a quiet family dinner at this place called Crab Village, located at Bedok North Ave 4, just walking -distance away from her place.

My boyfriend and I went ahead to get a table while they fetched my granny over.
In the meantime, my boy decided to catch up on work and I started playing Diamond Dash (ikr, it’s soo addictive!).

I managed to steal him from work for a second to camwhore with me!
See his sleepy face and eye bags? That’s what you get when you keep working every day without proper rest.

He went back to work and I was left to entertain myself. So what did I do? Camwhore. Haha.

10 minutes later, everyone else arrived. And the hungry stomachs spared no time and adjourned to ordering the food.

That’s my granny, mum and (very annoying) brother.

Here’s my dad and Darren going about their usual ambitious chit chat.
You have no idea how similar they are in character.

Anyway, food came in less than 5 minutes!
We ordered Garlic & Butter Shrimps, Hotplate Tofu, Fried Yam Ring, Black Pepper Venison, Fried Sweet & Sour Fish, Sharks Fin Soup, Prawn Paste Chicken, and of course, white rice to go with them.

Fried Yam Ring

Garlic & Butter Prawns

Hotplate Tofu

We were stuffed after dinner. And you must be thinking, “you went to a place called Crab Village but didn’t order any crab?” My boyfriend and I were secretly hoping for that, but the birthday girl makes the final decision, doesn’t she? Well, we still have 70 years left for crab anyway. Haha.

The bill came to $106 plus. I”ve got a feeling they overcharged us.  Almost certain, honestly. But didn’t want to make it a big issue with the birthday girl around, so we left it.

In 2 weeks time, it’s gonna be my turn to grow one year older. I’m getting old now :(

Talk to you guys soon!


The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

On Wednesday, the day before the official screening of The Dark Knight Rises, my boy and I decided to check the available time slots for the movie.

So, the time slots were perfect with a movie screened at almost every hour, at every theater across the country. But what got us a lil panicky was the unavailability of seats! We’ve been looking forward to the movie for months and we just couldn’t accept the fact that there were no good seats left.

Feeling disappointed, disheartened and depressed, I recalled a contest I joined on inSing a few days back.




And when Thursday came, off we were to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!!!


If you’ve caught the movie already, surely you’ve got to agree with me that it was superb. I’m not a huge fan of Christian Bale; he’s a great actor (except for his role in the 2011 movie The Flowers of War), but not quite my cup of tea. Yes, looks do matter if you want to be among my fave actors. Haha.

So here’s a general breakdown of what I thought of The Dark Knight Rises:

- Truly mesmerizing cinematography
– Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) was smokin’ hot (my boyfriend would agree), but quite a useless ‘heroine’
– Bane (sizzlin’ Tom Hardy) was too serious a character to have allowed Hardy to put on an Oscar performance
– John Blake (cute Joseph Gorden Levitt) still manages to preserve his boyish appeal despite having reached his 30s
– Batman (Christian Bale), though a super hero, can’t really do anything without his Batmobile and a bunch of awesome friends. And so I question, what happened to his gliding abilities and rock-hard strength? I personally felt that Batman wasn’t quite the Batman he used to be in this movie.




- And the rest is for me to know and for you to find out!

If you want a comparison to the recent Spider Man movie, this one certainly wins. Of course, both are pretty kick-ass to me. But Dark Knight Rises gets more brownie points for the intense action, twists and turns, and commendable special effects.

I must add though, i do miss the usual Batman characters like Joker, Penguin and Poison Ivy. Bane was good, but he adds a completely different touch to the entire movie. Joker and Penguin gave the old Batman movies a sense of light-heartedness and great doses of humour. Bane, on the other hand, was nothing at all light-hearted or funny – he was terrorizing.

The movie ended, unsurprisingly, with Batman saving Gotham City from the gnashing teeth of Bane and Miranda.

With Batman gone, will there be the rising of a new superhero in the form of Robin?