More of Bali

More of Bali

Just as you thought I was done with blogging about Bali, I’m back to bombard you with more pictures.

The following photos were taken by the friends whom I met while vacationing there with my boyfriend. But before I receive a lawyer’s letter in my mailbox tomorrow, let me give credits where credit is due. So here’s a big thank you in advance to Erica and Raymond for the photos (and to that very awesome camera of yours) :)

D, Me, Raymond & Erica


At Cold Stone for ice cream

Chilling over ice cream

At the Kopi Luwak plantation

Meet Erica! :D

Heading towards this little outlet that sells coffee, tea, spices, etc.

At a buffet restaurant in Kintamani. From all the way up there, we managed to get a panoramic, bird’s-eye view of the ¬†volcanoes below us.

For vanity purposes only. Lovin’ the sexy back. Haha. Every girl is entitled to her share of vanity, so shoosh!

I seriously need to tone my arms. I’m looking at this shot and going “WTF is going on there?!?”

Makeup-less and was feeling very naked the entire day. Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I hate leaving the house with a bare face.

Happy people high on happy pills :D

Loving you loving me.

That’s all for Bali!

I’m pretty certain you can’t guess where I’m at right now.

Okay, I’m waiting for my boyfriend who is disappointingly very late for our arranged 3.30 meetup – it’s 4 pm now. Then again, I’m so used to it that it hardly surprises me anymore. But that’s not for me to bitch about here.

I’m actually in Changi Airport Terminal 2 and yes, we’re going on another trip overseas. This time, we’re headed to Bangkok, Thailand.

We’ll be there for the next 6 days, so remember to check back for more adventure stories from me.