Hitting the Streets of San Francisco

Hitting the Streets of San Francisco

The last time I was in Tokyo, Japan, I felt naked.
No, not sexy-naked. I was like boring-naked; I looked bare, dull, and underdressed.

The young people in Japan were all dressed to the nines. They were clothed in fashionable coats, donning cute hair accessories, and styled like they were about to hit the runway.

I was only 13 then – the perfect excuse for the lack of fashion sense – but trust me, being unable to match up to the ‘average’ girl on the street was not a healthy feeling for me.

Let’s just say I learnt my lesson.

Since I’ll be spending 12 weeks in San Fran, it’s only fashionably wise of me to do some research before I start packing my clothes.

Found this cool website: http://www.thesfstyle.com






Do you guys actually see it?

If you still cant quite get what San Fran’s street style is all about, here’s what i think it is:

Don’t dress to impress; dress to express.

It’s about dressing in the style that tells others what you are and who you are.

So what if the girl next to you thinks you look like sh*t?

It’s who you are and it’s what you love. Just rock the streets and make it work.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing :D

Cool Infographics: Playboy of Playboys, Hugh Hefner

Cool Infographics: 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Hugh Hefner

This stuff is pretty brainless and useless. It’s not going to help you get a scholarship or win a Nobel Peace Prize award. It might, however, give you some useful tips and inspiration if you’re thinking of fighting Hefner with a bigger playboy mansion.

So here are some random facts you probably never knew about the playboy of all playboys, Mr. Hugh Hefner.