Well, everyone does it, right?

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been in deep contemplation on whether I should save up for a teenie weenie bit of nip, tuck and facial reconstruction. Ok, hold up! Whoa, that sounded scary, even to me. Perhaps I should have said something fancier and more glamorous like ‘cosmetic surgery’ or ‘plastic surgery’. Totally didn’t mean to scare anyone, not myself either. Facial reconstruction just sounds wrong on so many levels. Cosmetic or plastic surgery it shall be. Okay, I think I’ll just use the term ‘cosmetic/plastic surgery’ from now onwards.


You see, I’ve been extremely self-conscious of my appearance for most part of my life, so I guess it’s unsurprising that I would even consider fixing my facial flaws and going under the knife. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but here it is: my mum has done a some plastic surgery on her eyes and nose, like 10 years ago, and she actually took me in for a consultation with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Martin Huang. Picture this: I was this 11 year-old girl sitting in his room, listening to him tell me that my eyes are too sunken in and not symmetrical, my eyes don’t have defined double eyelids, that my nose can do with a higher bridge, blah blah blah. I repeat, I was E.L.E.V.E.N. I had no clue what plastic/cosmetic surgery was back then, but all I got out of the 1 hour was how ugly I looked.

Even though I wasn’t entirely affected by his words – I didn’t go home, cry and think I was the most hideous looking person in the world – I do remember the many occasions I stared at myself in the mirror, with the nastiest and the most self-loathing thoughts running through my head.

Well, what could I do? I was young, impressionable, vulnerable, and like almost everyone else, I believed everything a ‘professional’ told me.

More than 10 years have passed and I have lived long enough with my worst enemy – myself. I do have occasional bouts of confidence in how I dress and how I look, but that’s barely 10% of the time. I put up a brave front in the presence of others ‘cos after all, who’d like to hang out with someone who’s not even going to look up at you when you talk to her, right? I’m good at the whole charade thing, but if you stare at me a little too long, I start wondering if you’re pulling a Dr. Martin Huang.

Recently, in the past 1-2 years, I noticed a surge in the media coverage of celebrity plastic surgeries. Of course, it triggers the need to do something about how I look. When it seems like everyone else is doing it, even the not-so-rich-and-famous, I can’t help but to see it as a possibility for me.

It is cray-cray expensive in Singapore! Won’t go into details on how and why, but my mum spent over S$20,000 to do her eyes and nose.

I obviously can’t afford that. *I am open to sponsorships from generous plastic surgeons, people, strangers, whoever out there ;) 

Famous bloggers in Singapore had theirs sponsored by top plastic surgeons, so good for them. Hollywood celebrities are freakin’ rich enough to buy themselves a whole new body from head to toe, let alone plastic surgery, so whoopedeedoo for them too. Just look at Megan Fox. Who doesn’t want to look like her? My boyfriend seriously thinks she’s unattractive, by the way. Shocking but true. I think she’s drop dead gorgeous in every way. She was already so pretty before the plastic surgery, and to me, she totally didn’t need to change anything. But after the plastic surgery, hello hot mama.


I am so tempted right now, you have absolutely no idea. I can imagine my mum and dad saying a firm ‘no’ to me; my boyfriend is going to laugh his head off first, then realize I’m serious, and then tell me I already look pretty enough for him. The standard stuff.

I’m going to make it a resolution for 2013, even though I’ve never once seen a resolution from start to finish. I’ll try hard at this one ‘cos I know how badly I want it. It’s about keeping up with the trend and you know, looking good for my boyfriend. Don’t wanna lose out to competition either. I’ll see it as upgrading myself. It just makes me feel better like that. Haha.

Small or big, I’ll do something by the end of this year.


After Death Valley and Off to Las Vegas

It’s 5.30PM and I’m chewing on gummy worms while sitting with my heater next to me. I’m bored. Don’t feel like writing, even though I have a project deadline tomorrow. SAVE ME! I’m getting so bored of writing already, but guess I’ll be finding a real-real job once I return back to Singapore. Need to make the moolah to cover my crazily insane spendings these past 2 months.

Anyhoo-ha-way, guess what! I had another ROAD TRIP! Just got back from our weekend stay in LA. Totally unexpected, totally impromptu. We went to Disney Land, Hollywood Boulevard and Beverly Hills. Plus, I saw sooo many Chihuahuas!!!

To datet: Lake Tahoe – checked, Death Valley – checked, Las Vegas – checked, and Los Angeles – checked. I’ve only got about 6 days left in US before I take flight back to Singapore. Words can’t describe how much I’m dreading that fateful day of saying goodbye to San Francisco. Just thinking of it makes me want to cry. But I’ll be back… i think.

Anyways, I’m back with my Las Vegas photos! So soz for the very long wait. I just signed up for the 1 month free trial at Netflix, and it’s gotten me even more glued to my Macbook. I just finished the first 2 seasons of Pretty Little Liars. I’ve heard so much about this series, but sadly never got the chance to watch it in Singapore. I’m eagerly awaiting season 3 now. Hurryyy up now. Looks like I’ll have to figure out a way to watch it online once I’m back.

But for now, Las Vegas.

You know, they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… well, nothing much happened. I didn’t get married overnight in a chapel, I didn’t wake up with a hangover, I didn’t get drunk nor run through the strip naked (no pun intended).

Monte CarloSo, we stayed at Monte Carlo. Love how cheap it is to stay there. Can’t quite remember how much, but hell yeah, it’s cheap.

424030_10151344252691464_1740477937_nThe three guys crashed out in the room right after our 10-hour road trip from San Francisco. If I’ve learnt one thing from this trip, it’s this: guys are the best traveling buddies EVER. It’s fun to travel with your girlfriends, but with guys, it’s just fun (and funny).

150949_10151344253641464_1631568815_nWe went out at night for some sight-seeing along the strip.

19516_10151344273481464_1337375702_nYou won’t believe it, but we actually had McDonald’s for dinner. How exciting. Ok, so our first day there wasn’t all that exciting. I guess everyone was still somewhat drained of energy from the drive.

The next morning, Vincent & Stephen went for a business conference at Caesar’s Palace, so I was left to spend the day with my baby boy and one other Gushcloud guy. Not very romantic, but we had no other choice. We left our hotel and walked to Excalibur for their lunch buffet.

64539_10151344254306464_1987891005_nThe thing about Las Vegas is that sex sells. Sex sells almost everywhere, but SEX SELLS in Vegas. So you get all kinds of weird stuff with sexual connotations to them. Like this one here: Dick’s Last Resort.Do Not HumpSaw this on the wall right outside Dick’s Last Resort.

Excalibur Buffet

Excalibur Buffet 2Buffet spread was relatively good for around US$18+ a person.You get all sorts of Chinese, Mexican, Italian and American food. I would recommend going nearer towards the end of the lunch buffet (around 2.30 pm) ‘cos that way, you pay lunch prices but you’ll get both lunch and dinner spreads. It’s opened all day and once the lunch hour closes, they immediate change the spread to dinner dishes, which include steaks and much better options. Pity we didn’t think of that earlier.

After lunch, we went to the famous Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall South. Was about $18 (+ tips) from Excalibur to the mall. Spent the rest of the day there. I was a little disappointed, though. There weren’t many big brands in this mall and I expected a lot more from it. It was only at night that we went into Levi’s and the sales girl told us that Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall North is the much better one for shopping. What a waste! I did buy a Coach Bag, though. Was like $450 at original price, but I got it at 50% off! Woohoo!

After that, we went off for a quick dinner at IHOP.Pancakes

71592_10151344261201464_1020961707_nHad there famed huge-ass pancakes and steak.

We took a cab back to Monte Carlo for the Blue Man Group performance. Us




393036_10151344262311464_1077893507_nAbsolutely loved them. I remember watching them on television when I was still a little kid, like 15 years ago? They must be old, very old. But their energy is just amazing. Please do try to catch them if you ever head down to Las Vegas.

Day 3: Vincent & Stephen had their all-day conference at Caesar’s Palace AGAIN, and I was stuck with the two guys AGAIN. And you won’t believe it, but we decided on a buffet lunch AGAIN. Deja-vu or just a bunch of boring people?

184494_10151345790646464_317675034_nWe took the tram from Monte Carlo to Bellagio. I’m blue da-ba-dee-da-ba-da. Drunk on the Blue Man Group? Nah, the windows were tinted blue.


379336_10151345793871464_883665130_nLookie lookie, look at what we found! Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant!


14908_10151347169141464_73535127_nAfter braving the Las Vegas cold, we finally reached Wynn!






424506_10151345796521464_711898760_nThe buffet was gooood. Beats the one at Excalibur for sure. It was around $29+ per person, which is still pretty reasonable. No cold seafood dishes, though. I was hoping for oysters and shrimps, but nope. I guess Las Vegas, being a desert, is too far from the ocean for them to fish for seafood. But even then, the spread was good. I got too full after 5 rounds, and I didn’t even get to try everything :(

I did, however, have enough space for desserts! I had the best rice krispies ever! It was coated with thick white chocolate on the top and covered with rainbow sprinkles too! Haha. Oh gawd, I sound like a kid. Their apple crumble pie was da shiznit. I went for rounds just on that.

Feeling stuffed and satisfied, we left for the Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall North. Costed us $18 (+tips) from Wynn.

405991_10151345796621464_548823369_nQuick tip: If you’re ever in Vegas, skip the South Outlet Mall altogether and just head for the North Mall. This place beats South hands down. Don’t even bother with the South Mall. It’s crap if you compare it to the North.

The Premium Outlet Mall North has Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry, Armani Exchange, BCBGMaxazria, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Guess, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tory Burch, and gazillions more. Like seriously, one day isn’t enough to cover this place.

Link here: Las Vegas Premium Outlets Mall North 

And in case my advice is blah-blah-blah to you, here’s the link to Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall South.

Have fun!