Who asked for your opinion?

You know what gets on my nerves?

1. Busybodies with nothing better to do, so they stick their busybody noses into other people’s personal affairs, making guesses and placing bets on how long and far their relationships will go; and

2. Nobodies who are literally nobodies to me, yet want to contribute their two cents worth where my relationship with my boyfriend is concerned. Since when did any of you care?

It’s 1.15am now, and I just returned home from a late dinner/supper with my boyfriend.  He had client meeting, which ended at 9.30pm, so I waited till 11pm for him to arrive at our usual 24-hour dining spot. For anyone who understands our relationship well enough, you’ll know that I wait an average of 2 hours almost everyday from Monday to Friday for him to be done with work before we go for dinner.

He insists on eating together every night, as long as we both have nothing else on. I didn’t quite like the aimless waiting at first, but I guess I felt bad that he’d have to eat on his own without my company. And because of his busy schedule, waiting that 2 hours would be the only way we will get to see each other during the weekdays.

That, I feel, is  just one of the many sacrifices I make to keep our relationship going.

Tired from a long day at work and hungry from waiting 5 hours for dinner since I got off work at 6, I really didn’t deserve to have my night end on that note. He talked about work non-stop from the second we met, which is pretty much the case every time we do meet, and I’m used to it already, but he had to bring up something that just ruined the entire night.

He told me about a recent conversation he had with a couple of close business partners. In which, one of them mentioned that I need to give my boyfriend more freedom and space as an entrepreneur. Okay, I understand. And I certainly believe that I’ve been pretty supportive.

The example she gave was if they were to call him, he has to be able to leave immediately from where he is and meet them. I never knew how much my boyfriend had shared with them about us, but the latest I got from tonight was him telling them that quality time is very important to me. She said that I’ll need to let go a little more. It’s not easy, but I’ll have to.

No. 1: We’ve met briefly twice. She doesn’t know me well enough to judge anything at all.
No. 2: Even if she does, I’ve sacrificed a lot – and there’s no way anyone can measure that.
No.3: Let’s say you’ve known me for 5 years. Still, I don’t think you should be telling my boyfriend behind my back how unsupportive you think I am, or suggesting how we should be managing our relationship.

That got me so upset because these people don’t have the slightest clue what I am put through everyday, yet they seem to know so well that I’m not being a supportive girlfriend. Right. But what got me rethinking and even regretting this relationship is my boyfriend telling me all that as a matter of fact – like he’s on their side. 4 years of being together and this is it?

I’ve spent so many weekends looking at other couples going out and having fun, and all I see before me is a boy I love devoting his days and nights, weekdays and weekends struggling to grow his business, talking about work and clients.

You know, maybe you think I’m not good enough. I just think I’m not the girl for you. My character and goals in life are different from yours. You not standing up for me and defending me shows how much (or how little, rather) you appreciate all I have done.

When I asked if I’ve not been supportive enough, you raised your voice and told me not to be so defensive. You got angry and your tone changed on me. Now I feel like I have a whole army against me when I never did anything wrong – or have I?

I doubt you’ll ever read this ‘cos you’re too busy to care about how I feel anyway.

But if you do, just letting you know…


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