Bored at Work

Hello everyone! While you’re enjoying your lazy Saturday at home or out shopping with family and friends, I’m stuck here in the office for my monthly Saturday “duty”.

Me at workI’ve got heaps load of work to clear and a million emails to reply, but today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed… *Singing to Bruno Mars in my head*.

Woke up at 7am and the worst part about that? It was raining!!! It’s like the perfect day to cuddle in bed and sleep in till noon. Oh well…

Listening to emo songs and Micheal Learns to Rock while trying to draft up a Terms of Use agreementĀ for our new website/e-commerce store. Do you have any idea how sleep-inducing this is?

Yes! Just another 20 mins and I’m outta here! Btw, he’s among the 5 of us here in the office today. But I think we’re slowly just drifting apartĀ - a good but bad thing… but good for both of us in the long run, so I’m just trying to stay strong about it.

Korea in June!! So excited!! Okay, gotta get back to legal jargon. Ciao!


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