About The Addict


Hey Kissers!

For those who know me, Awesome!!
For those who don’t, here’s more about me,.

Who am I?
2nd August 1989
Born, raised and living in Singapore
Marketing Student, Freelance Writer

My family
My boyfriend, D
My pet doggies (Skittles & Waffles)
Friends (You know who you are :D)
French & Swedish Films
Hollywood films (Comedy, Horror, Family, Indie)
The Script
Maroon 5 (oh, Adam Levine..)
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Singing (But I can’t sing to save my life)
Social media druggie (Find me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)
Hokkien Fried Noodles (But I try to avoid it cos it’s just way to oily)
Japanese Food
Fried chicken (Sinful but good)

Spoilt brats
Uncivilized, uncouth, rude, inconsiderate & selfish individuals
Arrogant and big heads
Girls who should stay away from my bf – but don’t.
Bitchy girls (I find bitchy guys hilarious)
Insensitivity to the less fortunate (Major NO-NO)
Girls who dress and act slutty (slutty & sexy are 2 different things)
Girls & guys who kiss & tell

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