Where Is The Love?

Right before I went to bed last night / this morning, at around 4 am, I received a headline news alert on my mobile phone from The New York Times. I was too tired to even read through the headline itself, but I do recall the two words that stood out: Boston and Bombing. All sorts of calamities happen all over the world everyday, and even though I suspected it might have been bad, the news I woke up to this morning was indeed a real shocker.

Whichever country you’re in right now, I’m sure you would have already heard about the explosion that took place at the Boston Marathon on April 15. While US law enforcers are still in search for the people behind the bombings, the current figures state that at least 3 are dead and over 140 injured.

It really makes me so sad to know that I am here, so safe and protected, while there are hundreds of families in the US that are overwhelmed with panic and devastation right this second.

Just how heartless can people get? You’d think that love and compassion are innate characteristics in every single human being, but events like this just prove otherwise. No guilt? Don’t they think about the little kids and innocent lives before doing something so extreme as this? Has our society become so numbed to that one emotion that makes us human – that thing called ‘love’?

Already feeling disturbed by this news, I came across this piece of local news, which made me so pissed. As I said on Facebook, “I don’t know which is more saddening: terrorists killing innocent lives because of their flawed beliefs or downright stupid drunk drivers who have no regard for the safety and lives of others.”

Apparently, the driver was so drunk that he continued his crashing spree despite already causing so much damage and wreckage. After hitting the taxi, he drove on and hit a bus, drove on even further and I believe he hit another car before being stopped at the traffic junction.

This driver needs to have his license revoked and boy do I hope he get one helluva punishment for his stupidity.


*UPDATE: This post was originally written at 7:30 pm (EST). I am updating this now at 10:42 pm (EST).

When I first came across the video on the Mercedes crash at Bugis, the online source mentioned that the driver was drunk at the time of the accident. Later sources such as Singapore’s national newspaper, The Straits Times, are now claiming that the driver had in fact fainted at the wheel when he crashed into the taxis and the double-decker bus. Of course, The Straits Times is a more reliable source, so I apologise for the wrong information and my very disrespectful words earlier with regard to the accident. 

Road Trip to Badwater Basin in Death Valley, CA

Hi guys! Guess what, I’m back from Las Vegas! I’m already missing it so badly, though. It was my first time there and gosh, I just loved it so much!

We left our place in San Francisco at 11PM on Friday and embarked on a 7-hour-long road trip to Badwater Basin in Death Valley, then another 2 hours before we were finally in Las Vegas!!! I didn’t manage much of a shuteye during the 9 hours ‘cos I was literally squished in between two guys and my butt was hurting so badly throughout.

And ladies and gentleman, that’s what you get when you don’t have enough ass going on at the back! Haha.

So our first stop was Badwater Basin, which I thought was a really lazy way of naming such a beautiful place. Bare but so intriguing… I was quite frankly in utter awe of the scenery. I know there was like nothing at all, but that’s just the beauty of it.  When there’s so much to see every single day, having nothing at all to look at was just so surreal and breathtaking to me.

Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin1

Badwater Basin2

This picture somehow made it look like we were in some hot tropical desert ‘cos I looked so burnt. It was the sun and while it did help a little bit, we were all still freezing cold. I’m guessing it was around 10 degree C (or 50 deg F) while we were there. Pretty similar to SF in the day, but without any trees, it was definitely way more chilly.

Badwater Basin3And you see the white ground we were walking on? Guess what it was made of. Now go on..

Badwater Basin4

Darren and I

Vincent and StephenStephen and Vincent took a good lift off from the ground to give us this awesome pic.

602877_10151342402171464_788985597_nMe, Saiful, Vincent, and Stephen.
C’mon give me some credit, I was doing it for the first time. Stephen is a basketballer, so it’s pretty obvious why he had no trouble going that high. I, on the other hand, haven’t played netball in ages.
Plus, those shoes were made for walking, not jumping.

150965_10101791096115833_379661698_nThis is a better shot. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

And one last shot before I bring this post to a close.

Vanity 282 feet below sea level. LOL. I’ll be back soon with more photos from Las Vegas! <3