Lovers in Bangkok Day 4

Lovers in Bangkok Day 4

My haul from the past 2 days of shopping. I expected more actually, but I guess my self-control has improved.

Got ourselves some street snacks before making our way to Platinum Mall to exchange some clothes.

Beef ball – 5 on a stick for only 10 baht (40 cents).

Whoa! This guy sure makes his cab fit for royalty.

He’s on his iPhone managing some difficult clients, while I, I camwhore.

This is the pig organ stall at Platinum Mall. He loved it so much, we ended up ordering the same exact thing 2 days consecutively.

Kway chap – Pig organs

My love for Phad Thai never dies.

Thai chicken with basil rice

Harajuku fashion in Bangkok

Colorful berms… Can’t imagine by boy ever agreeing to wear anything this glaring.

After we managed to have his clothes exchanged, we took a walk to Central World where the train station is.

Cute artwork. And no, it’s not a mime. It’s a solid piece of art.

I believe this was the winning fashion design at the fashion exhibition in Central World.

From Central World, we went to Terminal 21 – a newly opened shopping mall in Bangkok with a very unique twist.
You’ll see soon enough.

Walking to the BTS train station

It looked like one heck of a grand mall. Modern, spacious, and very clean.

How cool is this? Themed like an airport, Terminal 21 takes you to a different city at every escalator.

So cute!

A structure resembling the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Tiny cars on the bridge too.

Crabby toilet

The mall was dominated by indie fashion brands and they were surprisingly of good quality, great design sense, and decent pricing.

Tao Kae Noi Land – A store dedicated to nothing but Tao Kae Noi products. I swear my heart went on a beating rampage.

Tao Kae Noi soft toys

Shelves of Tao Kae Noi seaweed :P

The Thai’s must love their Tao Kae Noi cos we spotted this at the cinema. A Tao Kae Noi vending machine!

Bought specialty popcorn to munch on while I awe at the decor of Terminal 21.

And just as I ruined my appetite with popcorn, he suggested we have an early dinner. So we decided on MK Restaurant, the very famous Thai steamboat chain.

Pork rib noodles.

Their signature roast duck

He’s dead serious when it comes to food. Why so serious?

So after dinner, we took the train back to Nana station and went for a 2-hour foot massage near our hotel. 

A very warm and welcoming place it was. You can almost feel the immediate sense of comfort and serenity when you step in.

Soaking my feet in warm water and waiting for my massage.

After our massage, there we went again. More food. We just don’t stop, do we?

Walked along the streets near where we stayed and saw this. Eww right? I don’t know if I should be saying wow to this, but i feel really sorry for the bat. It looked alive and at the same time so… dead. Poor little thing. 

Well, this concluded our day. I have so many more pictures, but uploading them can be quite a bitch, so I’ll leave it at this.

And I keep saying this, but really, more to come…

Off to bed now! Loves xoxo



Lovers in Bangkok Day 3

Lovers in Bangkok Day 3

Day three in Bangkok – the dreadful memory of having lost two days worth of holiday photos.

Woke up all chirpy and excited for the day ahead. I whipped out my iPhone while my boyfriend was still in bed, began checking my emails and BAM! My phone went blank on me. Couldn’t get it started again, so I got my boy to figure out the problem. The diagnosis: an expired iOS 6 Developer Beta preview. Apparently, my boy updated my iPhone to the developer’s iOS 6 version, not the consumer version. It expired on me and Apple didn’t give me a warning prior! Wtf was going on?!? I was confused, pissed, sad, frustrated, panicky – all in one.

The solution?

We had to get it restored with fast Internet connection, which disappointingly, wasn’t going to happen with our hotel’s sucky wi-fi. So that was included in our agenda for the day.

We went hunting for more clothes for him.

We thought this jacket looked really sleek, but hey, that photo just had to cheapen it. So, it was a no-go.

Engrossed in his search.

Looking out for berms as well. They’re really much cheaper there and quality is pretty decent too.

You can find every type of clothing at Platinum – even giganormous shorts.

They have this weighing machine outside all the toilets in Platinum Mall, just to remind me of how much I’ve been eating the past few days…

If you thought the weighing machine was funny, now this – a pregnancy test kit vending machine. Oh yeah, it doesn’t get weirder than this.
Like in the middle of shopping, you’ll just go, “hey, I think I might be pregnant – lemme go check.”

Of course, I didn’t get a pregnancy test, even though I thought it’d be fun just to try the machine out. But I did, however, get myself a drink from this place.

Let me tell you, the stuff on their menu weren’t cheap. Paying 45 baht (S$2+) for a drink in Bangkok is way too much. Bottled pop at their 7-Eleven were less than a dollar each.

I soon forgot about the price of the drink ‘cos I was laughing too hard at this unusual sight.
Apparently, your drink is made in this metal cup, which as you can see, is fitted here for this deranged maniac to its crazy thing.

It was lunch time, so we went right up to the foodcourt at the uppermost floor of Platinum Mall.

The foodcourt takes up the entire floor, so you can imagine it to be huge. I just love the food here. It’s a must-go for me when I’m in Bangkok.

Being the typical Asian by boyfriend is, he ordered a bowl of kway chap, which is essentially a mix of pork innards like stomach, intestine, belly, etc. I’m not a fan, not a fan at all.

I, on the other hand, opted for a bowl of spicy Thai seafood tom yam.

I also specifically requested for this oh-so-sinful fried oyster omelette. Drenched in oil – no doubt about that. But this was heavenly.

After lunch, we walked over from Platinum Mall to Central World. We managed to get my iPhone restored for 100 baht. All we needed was fast Internet connection, so essentially, the money went into ‘borrowing’ the wi-fi connection from a phone store. -_- Oh wells. Lesson learnt.

Some Thai-inspired fashion exhibition. I quite like their designs, I must say.

You’ll find creatiity at every nook and corner of Bangkok. Like Bali, the locals here have an intrisic taste in art.

While walking around, I spotted a familiar sight. Question is, why is it that Din Tai Fung is so quiet and empty in Bangkok?

Another familiar sight.

After all that walking, we scanned Central World in search for a place to plant our asses and have our dinner.

The menu

Waiting for food to be served

Entertaining ourselves by camwhoring

I have no idea what’s going on here.

Heating up the grill

Food has arrived!


Ordered some other stuff (also from the buffet menu) while waiting for our food to be cooked.


The greedy buffet boy

Some kinda Australian Beef

Round one for the meats

It was addictive. I swear i’ll be back there next year.

After countless rounds of grilling, we raised the white flag.

We’re pretty sure we owned it this time. LOL. Words of a true buffet fan.

We walked around a lil more before making our way back to the hotel. Rested our loaded stomachs for a while and decided on a one-hour Thai foot massage nearby our hotel at 12 midnight.

That’s what I call livin’ it up in Bangkok. Haha. Miss those days already..

Day 4 to come! Stay glued! :D