Annyeong, Korea!

*Not an advertorial or sponsored post. ITEM Clinic did not pay me to blog about them

I have a confession to make.

Haven’t exactly announced this to everyone yet, but I’m going to do it officially here on my blog.

I’m in Seoul, Korea right now. My boyfriend and I just landed here this morning and we’re going to be spending the next 9 days here for shopping, sightseeing and basically everything touristy – and also a little something extra.

We’re staying at a hotel near Yeoksam station, which is just a stop away from Gangnam. And if you actually Google it, you might just learn that Gangnam isn’t just famous for being Psy’s hit single, it’s also one of the hottest places to go to for cosmetic surgery.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. I have decided to do a few surgical procedures while I’m here. The clinics here are known to be extremely professional and t charge at least 30% cheaper than what you’ll find in Singapore. Of course, prices can’t compete with the clinics in Thailand, but if you’d rather be safe than to save, Seoul is the place you’ll want to head to.

I have chosen to go to ITEM Clinic (trust me it was tough choosing a clinic to go to) ‘cos I have a close friend who has been there and the results are pretty impressive.

Having done a a few back-to-back email consultations with them, I’ve narrowed down to going for the following procedures:

  • Full Incisional Eyelid Surgery
  • Epicanthoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Chin augmentation with silicon implant

I will update you guys again^^! With this, I’m out!


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