Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day just went by. Like every other year, love filled the otherwise very stale and humid Singapore air. Guys with large flower bouquets in hand carried all sorts of expressions. There were some who appeared shy and embarrassed, and then there were others walking around with their heads held high, all dressed up and looking ready for a romantic night ahead. Girls and women, on the other hand, seemed to be playing their own game with a different set of rules. If you really look around at those carrying flowers (I presume from their boyfriends/husbands), you’ll actually notice how they take quick glances at bouquets carried by other girls, as if comparing others to their own. Nasty.
In one of my earlier posts, I think I painted a picture of how I was going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend this year.
I was supposed to have spent a very simple, no-frills Valentine’s Day with him. I wanted no gifts and no fancy dinner; I just wanted to spend it with him – nothing more. But we didn’t keep to that. Well, we did, but we kept to only one half of it.
No gifts were bought, so that’s the half. He did, however, surprise me with a relatively fancy dinner.

He brought me to Sheraton Hotel at Scotts Road. Once we were there, I already knew which restaurant we were going to.The Dining RoomAnd yes, it was The Dining Room.

SheratonI quite like the ambience at the restaurant. We were seated at the inside corner of the restaurant, next to a glass window that presented us with a full view of the large waterfall feature just outside the hotel.




I’m still trying to understand how my boyfriend’s Canon 650D works. Sorry for the inconsistency in quality and lighting. Haha.





Asparagus + Oysters = Aphrodisiacs. But really, no effect on me. Can’t say the same for my boyfriend, though. Haha. me

dessertDessert round 1: Ginger & Lemongrass flavored ice cream and waffles topped with banana and butterscotch syrup, maple syrup, and blueberry and strawberry syrup.

Sheraton3Dessert round 2: Chocolate ice cream + Ginger & Lemongrass ice cream with a little bit of everything. Omg. It sounds so sinful now.

It’s a season of and for feasting. Valentine’s Day was right smack in the middle of Chinese New Year. Just had another 8 course reunion dinner last night. Still have one more to go on Thursday. I haven’t gotten the chance to start any diet plan ever since I got back from US. Arghhh…. Not good, not good.

Biology of a Hangover

Since the year is coming to a close, there’s surely a lot to celebrate about.

For one, some might be popping the champagne bottle for the fact that the world isn’t ending on the 12th of December, 2012. Yipee for that!

Of course, there is Thanksgiving in November, followed by Christmas in December and lastly, the countdown to 2013.

And with all celebrations, there’s bound to be some alcohol being passed round. I may not be able to predict when the world’s gonna end, but one thing’s for sure, I foresee many people going a little tipsy from the booze.

Before you clink your wine glasses, I think you need some hangover 101.