How To Be A B*tch

Stumbled across this article on Thought Catalog.

Thought it’s pretty amusing, especially when you have names (usually female ones) popping into your head as you read on.


Fail to smile every moment you are in public or around other people, because the first sure sign that a woman is a bitch is any expression that does not indicate happiness.

Be assertive when you talk to people especially when you‘re standing up for yourself after you’ve felt insulted or disrespected.

Be genuinely competitive in anything and you will not only be seen as a bitch who is too concerned with winning, you’ll also be seen as “manly” because only men compete, women are supposed to collaborate.

Be well-dressed. Bitches are always well-dressed because they are obviously trying to prove that they’re better than everyone else.

Be thin. If you’re going to be a bitch, you need to have the sort of figure that makes people think you’re self-absorbed probably because you work out and try to eat healthy.

Be fat. If you’re fat, you’re revealing that you clearly don’t take care of yourself enough which makes you a  burdensome bitch.

Be neither fat nor thin. People will assume that you’re a bitch because you’re not picking sides, like what is wrong with you? You’re making it difficult for people to classify you and that makes you a bitch.

When a guy hits on you at a bar, tell him directly but not unkindly, that you’re not interested. You’re still a bitch, you rejected a nice guy who hit on you at a bar. What makes you think you have the right?

Swear. Swearing is very unpleasant and un-lady like and bitches aren’t ladies as we all know.

Show any kind of annoyance or anger or frustration with life and you have probably ruined someone’s entire existence with that display. You’re not human, you’re a bitch.

Give yourself a compliment. Congratulations, you’re not just a bitch but a narcissistic one at that that.

Disagree with a man about anything.

Be too loud.

Be too quiet.

Be too much of something and not enough of something else.

Whatever you do, be a woman who just so happens to not be acting pleasantly enough to please the people around you.


Dazzling ShoeDazzle Dazzles

[This is not an advertisement. I wasn't paid to do this feature.]

Shoeporn, if you’ve never seen or even heard of it, this will be it. ShoeDazzle is a online shoe boutique that carries some really fashionable footwear for the young and young at heart. They have everything from stylish casual flats to edgy, Gaga-inspired, monster-high stilettos.

ShoeDazzle currently ships to the following places, with the following rates:
ShoeDazzle Rates

ShoeDazzle builds a personalized showroom based on your style and fashion interests just for you

ShoeDazzle builds a personalized showroom based on your style and fashion interests just for you

ShoeDazzle Bags

Classy handbags

Beautiful Accessories

Beautiful Accessories

I bought these from their website last week.

All of them were at 50% off their original price of US$39.95 (SGD49.95), so I paid US$21.70 (SGD27.20) for each pair, with taxes all included. They have such a beautiful range of shoes and for that price, it’s pretty worth it. I held back on my purchase for a couple of reasons. For one, it was my first time buying from them and wasn’t too sure about the quality; also, ShoeDazzle really isn’t ‘branded’ enough for me to feel good about paying that price. I mean, at that price, I could be getting a Charles & Keith or Pedro in Singapore during one of their warehouse sales.
So anyways, these were my guinea pig buys.

Ailbhe - Recommended by Anya Sarre, Celebrity / Accessories & Handbag Stylist


I wish I had her legs to match the shoes.



Looks like a show-stopper to me.

Edel - Recommended by Heather Zweigel, Celebrity / Stylist



I was bursting with excitement when I received my package. New shoes! 3 super-duperly hot new pairs of shoes for me me me!

My shoe haul. As you can see, I have two pairs from Aldo and three from ShoeDazzle.

My shoe haul. So far, I have two pairs from Aldo and three from ShoeDazzle.

Each pair of shoes comes in a striking hot-pink box and in each box you'll find a linen drawstring shoebag.

Each pair comes in a striking hot-pink box and in each box you’ll find a linen drawstring shoebag.

The package made me happy, the pretty pink shoe boxes made me happier and the cute, thoughtful drawstring shoe bags in each box sent me flying high. Then, the unthinkable happened – the shoes didn’t fit.

Suddenly, it felt like my world came crashing down on me. Every little bit of bliss I felt a second ago just evaporated right before my very eyes.
I was so certain I ordered the right size. I ordered my Aldo shoes in US 6.5, which was the size conversion I got from Aldo’s website, and the shoes were perfect. I figured if I’m a 6.5 there, I should be a 6.5 here too. I measured my feet and it read 9.5 inches, so I went to google that and found out that I’m actually a US size 8.

I’m still dumbfounded by the whole thing. Anyway, the three pairs I got from ShoeDazzle were sale items, and it was stated very clearly that sale items cannot be returned or exchanged. Boohoo. I couldn’t deal with that. So I went straight to my Macbook and typed a long email to ShoeDazzle.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

I’m surprised by their customer service. You don’t get such quick replies in Singapore and I got mine within the two hours after I sent my email to them. I am so relieved that Heather from ShoeDazzle offered a product exchange.

ShoeDazzle Email

Click to enlarge

I’ve replied her with a request to have them all exchanged for similar designs in size 8. Still waiting for her reply, but it seems pretty positive so far. I have my fingers crossed. It’ll make my day if she gives me the green light to have them sent back tomorrow. Please, please, please.