Don’t Threaten Me

Don’t Threaten Me

I was outraged when I woke up this morning to 3 consecutively rude tweets that were in response to a single tweet I made yesterday afternoon.


All I did was tweet about the spam SMS I received yesterday, and god-knows how he managed to track me down. Must be his ego and he went to google his name or something.

Yes, I gave him ‘face’ by deleting that tweet, even though my conscience is clear and I really, very honestly feel that my tweet in no way, ruined any part of the ‘face’ he already had.

I’m still effing pissed. I’ll remember your name – that I can assure you.
I checked his Twitter account and this was it:


He probably didn’t have a Twitter account prior cos as it seems, I was the first person he ever sent a tweet to! *curtsy*

3 tweets on his timeline; all tweets to me.


I’m amused that he tried threatening me. After he spams people with unsolicited text messages, to think he had the guts to tell me he doesn’t send spam. Lol!!! Don’t tell me legal this legal that. I think I’ll win the case anytime, even without a lawyer. Kthxbye!

National Day Parade 2011 Preview

┬áLast Saturday, while most Singaporeans were spending the weekend night with family and friends, a lucky group of 25,000 of us had gotten ourselves free tickets to catch a live preview of this year’s National Day Parade!
I went by Marina Promenade at noon to meet my boyfriend and his camp mates for lunch. We took the train down to Raffles City and spent nearly an hour deciding where to eat. Boys!!! Tsk-
My boy & I settled for Burger King while the others went to J.Co. Yup, they has donuts for lunch. Haha.

Hung out with them till 3 and they had to head back to the waterfront to continue with preparations for the big event that evening.

Met my family at 4.30pm before we entered the floating platform at Marina Bay.

Teaching my mum the basics of camwhoring. Number one: Act cute. haha. But while I looked really happy then, I was feeling really bad inside. I was supposed to have attended an open-to-public picture-taking session where my boyfriend was stationed. But i honestly didn’t know the area was cordoned off nor did I know how to get around the crowd. I felt so bad that I was practically msging him words of encouragement throughout the parade. Not just to make him happy, but more so because I was so proud of him.My boy is 4th from your right.

Denise Keller & Belinda Lee were the lady emcees.

Our national parachuters were making their way down.

The enacted a war scene or some kind of national security thing with fire trucks, police cars and all.

I had no idea what they were doing there. I did see some tornado-like thing going on, but was clueless. Haha.

All the yummy men in uniform come marching out. Pweet pweet.

These are the guys (my boy’s in there) who will do live firing as part of the Presidential Gun Salute when the president arrives.

And here comes the presidents.

We sing the National Anthem.

Fighter jets go zooming past.

And they fire!! If you’re gonna catch the parade, take note that there are only 5 guns and my boyfriend is doing every 5th gun fire in the sequence.

Our simulated presidential arrival. Haha. Cos Mr. President will only be there on the actual day.

Great performances this year. Well, not that i’m in the right place to comment since i haven’t actually watched a full parade for over 5 years now. But i assure you it’s good and you have to catch it, even if it’s just by means of television. I have tons of photos but it wouldn’t be nice to spoil the surprise for all of you. Keke.

The parade ended off with heart-racing fireworks and The Pledge Moment, which falls exactly at 8:11pm (or 20:11). I loved the show so much. I told my boy to try getting me tics for the next show! *fingers crossed!*