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HELLO EVERYBODY!!! My Facebook relationship status has officially been changed! Facebook Relationship Status Engaged

I know, I know, this was more than a month ago. Unfortunately, being engaged doesn’t relieve me of my busy schedule. In fact, I’m even busier now with our wedding planning and house hunting – not to mention our coming Korea trip and the fact that my company is understaffed for our new website, which is currently just me overseeing. Anyway, I’ve already set the countdown timer to the end of my 2-year bond. I just celebrated the end of 1 year, so it’s a REALLY long way more to go.

Okay, so back to the topic: the engagement. Well, let’s just say I knew it was coming, but I just wasn’t too sure when. D has been joking about it for the longest time, always asking me to marry him at the most random times. In the couple of weeks leading up to The Day, he asked quite a number of times if I would say yes if he did. So, it was like he was already paving the way to the ‘big surprise.’

Anyhoo, here’s how it rolled out:

18 April 2014, Friday

It was Good Friday; it was a public holiday. I guess the day went pretty well ‘cos we weren’t stressing over work and the people above us (my manager) or under us (his employees). We were having dinner at Irodori, the always-packed Japanese buffet place we just love. During dinner, I was constantly amused at the rather odd questions he kept shooting at me. You see, I was supposed to attend 2 baby showers – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Totally unlike him, he kept asking about details like what time they were starting and ending, what we’ll be doing there, how long it’ll take, etc. Usually, it’s just a “ok, since you end at this time, I’ll meet you at this time.” It got me wondering if he was up to something, but I guess it wasn’t ‘obvious’ enough for me to question further.

So, he sent me home that night. I recall so clearly the last thing he said to me before he left. He said, “if I ask you to marry me tomorrow, will you?” It would’ve sounded pretty obvious to any other girl, but I laughed it off, thinking it was just one of his countless attempts at being funny.

But I’m so glad now that I didn’t take it seriously or the entire surprise would’ve been ruined.

That night, he was back at his place and I was back at mine.

His goodnight text came in at 5 plus am.

19 April 2014, Saturday 

His good morning text came in at 10 am; I was still in bed and my first thought was “did he even sleep?!” He told me to meet him at VivoCity at 4pm, which was another shocker for me. He has never once, in our 5 years together, made any decision just like that. Never.

I just went with the flow. I kind of knew something was going on, but I didn’t want to set my hopes up.

I arrived at VivoCity and well, he was there with nothing but his DSLR. Weird ‘cos I thought Facebook said he was listening to Spotify just 10 mins before we met. But hey, Facebook screws up sometimes too.

The Proposal: My Outfit of the Day

He never offers to take pictures of me, but this time, he did! *Jaw drops*

The Proposal: My Outfit of the Day

So, apparently, he already bought tickets to enter Sentosa. He was definitely up to something – but I just didn’t know if this was IT or just a surprise dinner.The Proposal: Pre-proposal

The Proposal: il Lido Singapore

He said it was going to be a simple dinner. And il Lido does not count as a ‘simple’ dinner. Of course, at this point, I was still suspicious about the entire thing. I kept giggling and turning around, thinking someone’s gonna surprise me from behind.

The Proposal: iL Lido

il Lido Italian Dining Lounge and Bar Singapore

Movenpick Hotel Singapore

il Lido SIngapore Appetiser

This came complimentary. We don’t know what it was, but it tasted soooo good. There was a very strong hint of mushroom, which made us believe it was some kind of mushroom soup at first. But the texture was more foamy, rather than creamy. From my personal cooking experience, I’m guessing it was mostly made of beaten egg whites to give it that foamy texture. Taste wise, clueless – but I LURVED it.

il Lido Singapore Bread Basket

The Proposal: il Lido Appetiser OctopusOur appetiser – Octopus, White Corn, Nduja (S$29)

The Proposal: il Lido Beef TenderloinBone Marrow Crusted Angus Beef Tenderloin (S$48)

The Proposal: il Lido Cod FishBlack Cod, Asparagus and Sea Urchin Sabayon (S$45)

For their full menu, click here.

Even though I was pretty much at the edge of my seat during the entire meal (like I literally kept turning behind me to make sure no one was behind), I really loved the whole experience. The food, ambience & company – everything was si magnifique!

At the end of our mains, the waiter asked if we would like any desserts. I did want some, but the look on D’s face told me he was hoping I’d say no, and so I did.

The view from where we were seated at il Lido was so amazing, I wanted to just sit and enjoy the evening breeze, but like a man on a mission, he called for the cheque and off we were.

I kept asking why he looked so stress, picking at the fact that I knew he had something up his sleeves. He kept denying it, but his little nervous giggles were complete giveaways. Even an idiot could tell he had something planned. By this time, I was 99% sure he was going to pop the question – I just wasn’t sure how he was going to do it.

So, after a short bus ride within Sentosa, we ended up here.

Movenpick Hotel Singapore Sentosa

We ordered some ice cream and he excused himself for the gents.

I kept myself busy with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 10 minutes went by and the ice cream had not arrived and he was still nowhere in sight.

For some reason, I expected his family and mine to just appear from somewhere. I was so prepared for that to happen. Haha, how stupid.

I continued scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. And Spotify gave it away AGAIN. Spotify posted saying he was listening to Bossanova there and then. I immediately texted D and told him to switch off his music and come out from wherever he was. Haha.

5 mins later, he returned to the table looking visibly disturbed. I laughed and asked him what was going on. He ignored me and walked up to a waiter at the other end of the restaurant with what looked like a complaint. He walked back to our table and I told him the ice cream hasn’t arrived. He told me to forget about the ice cream, grabbed my hand and we walked out of the restaurant.

Looked like a scene right out of a Korean drama. Lol.

He got me to close my eyes, which I did. He then brought me up the hotel and guided me to a room.

When he told me to open my eyes…

Movenpick Hotel Singapore



Movenpick Hotel Singapore


Movenpick Hotel Singapore

At this point, I was already starting to cry. I mean, I kind of knew this was going to be it, but I just wasn’t sure know how the night was going to roll out for me.

I guess the tears were simply brought on by the overwhelming buildup of emotions. It meant so much to me that he had spent the day prepping for that night. The effort, the setting and every little detail of it – wow.

I turned to him, lost for words, and there he was kneeling in front of me with the ring in his hands. Can’t remember word for word of what he said, but it was something like, “… 5 years spent together has brought us up to this day… will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

And this was my answer…

Movenpick Hotel Singapore

Yes, I am officially engaged to the love of my life! ^^

And now letting the wedding planning begin… If you guys have any suggestions for good wedding venues or connections that can get us better rates, please be nice and share them with me. Lol.

Okay, sorry for the photo spamming.

(And in case you’re wondering what happened to my ice cream, well, it turned up eventually as room service.)

Who asked for your opinion?

You know what gets on my nerves?

1. Busybodies with nothing better to do, so they stick their busybody noses into other people’s personal affairs, making guesses and placing bets on how long and far their relationships will go; and

2. Nobodies who are literally nobodies to me, yet want to contribute their two cents worth where my relationship with my boyfriend is concerned. Since when did any of you care?

It’s 1.15am now, and I just returned home from a late dinner/supper with my boyfriend.  He had client meeting, which ended at 9.30pm, so I waited till 11pm for him to arrive at our usual 24-hour dining spot. For anyone who understands our relationship well enough, you’ll know that I wait an average of 2 hours almost everyday from Monday to Friday for him to be done with work before we go for dinner.

He insists on eating together every night, as long as we both have nothing else on. I didn’t quite like the aimless waiting at first, but I guess I felt bad that he’d have to eat on his own without my company. And because of his busy schedule, waiting that 2 hours would be the only way we will get to see each other during the weekdays.

That, I feel, is  just one of the many sacrifices I make to keep our relationship going.

Tired from a long day at work and hungry from waiting 5 hours for dinner since I got off work at 6, I really didn’t deserve to have my night end on that note. He talked about work non-stop from the second we met, which is pretty much the case every time we do meet, and I’m used to it already, but he had to bring up something that just ruined the entire night.

He told me about a recent conversation he had with a couple of close business partners. In which, one of them mentioned that I need to give my boyfriend more freedom and space as an entrepreneur. Okay, I understand. And I certainly believe that I’ve been pretty supportive.

The example she gave was if they were to call him, he has to be able to leave immediately from where he is and meet them. I never knew how much my boyfriend had shared with them about us, but the latest I got from tonight was him telling them that quality time is very important to me. She said that I’ll need to let go a little more. It’s not easy, but I’ll have to.

No. 1: We’ve met briefly twice. She doesn’t know me well enough to judge anything at all.
No. 2: Even if she does, I’ve sacrificed a lot – and there’s no way anyone can measure that.
No.3: Let’s say you’ve known me for 5 years. Still, I don’t think you should be telling my boyfriend behind my back how unsupportive you think I am, or suggesting how we should be managing our relationship.

That got me so upset because these people don’t have the slightest clue what I am put through everyday, yet they seem to know so well that I’m not being a supportive girlfriend. Right. But what got me rethinking and even regretting this relationship is my boyfriend telling me all that as a matter of fact – like he’s on their side. 4 years of being together and this is it?

I’ve spent so many weekends looking at other couples going out and having fun, and all I see before me is a boy I love devoting his days and nights, weekdays and weekends struggling to grow his business, talking about work and clients.

You know, maybe you think I’m not good enough. I just think I’m not the girl for you. My character and goals in life are different from yours. You not standing up for me and defending me shows how much (or how little, rather) you appreciate all I have done.

When I asked if I’ve not been supportive enough, you raised your voice and told me not to be so defensive. You got angry and your tone changed on me. Now I feel like I have a whole army against me when I never did anything wrong – or have I?

I doubt you’ll ever read this ‘cos you’re too busy to care about how I feel anyway.

But if you do, just letting you know…