Money Can’t Buy Love

Money Can’t Buy Love

Money can’t buy love.
Money doesn’t represent love.
Money isn’t love. Period.

Just needed to say that.

By the way, I just arrived in Bali. Will blog about it soon!


Mistaken, Misunderstood


Okay, so almost everyone in this world is some kind of money-obsessed, money-craving monster.

Fine, let’s face it – we all are to a certain extent.
Some are even willing to make that quick buck by deceiving, lying, cheating, stealing, or some sort of unethical and immoral means.
Yes, we want money and no doubt, we need it.

The politically correct statement is that ‘money isn’t everything’. But you know, I know and the stranger next to you knows that money is in fact the driver to practically every other aspect of today.
We need money to make more money; we need money to run a business; we need money to support a family; we need money to spend an afternoon with our loved ones; we need money to celebrate a special occasion; and most importantly, we need money to survive.

And so, this whole world-revolves-around-money idea has brainwashed us into thinking that quite literally, everything is in one way or another money-related.

Why is it that when we sincerely want to help someone, our actions are misinterpreted to possess the ulterior motive of squeezing some $$ out of the one we truly care for?

Do you know how much it hurts to have that thought of you? I would think that of all people, you’d know me well enough. But apparently, I’ve been wrong all this while.

99% of our conversations involve you talking about business, money, wealth & success. That’s who you are. I still love you – not for that, but for so many other things else about you.

When we first got together two years ago, I made it clear to you that I’m a simple girl. Bring me to the foodcourt for every meal and I’m perfectly fine with that. You know I come from a simple family. We don’t spend lavishly. In fact, we haven’t even gone a holiday for 3 years now.

To actually have you lash out at me, not only unnecessarily but also mistakenly, is unbearably painful.

I know I’m not filthy rich. Well, I won’t even classify myself to be anywhere near that. Money is your motivation in life, not mine. I know you probably wish your girlfriend was a whole lot richer. Sorry for disappointing you.

The same way many times you don’t pay attention to how what you’re saying is inappropriate to the situation, i have taken notice of instances where you neglected my feelings and spoken of guys who have it easier either because their girlfriends are working or are from wealthy families.

If I appear to be only after money as you implied last night, or if I’m such a financial burden to you, you know what your options are. They are open and I leave it to you.