Foodie: Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet

And the Buffet Queen is back! P.S This is a #throwback My boy treated my family to dinner at Ssikkek last weekend. Unbelievable but true, this was my mum’s and dad’s first time eating at a Korean BBQ buffet restaurant – or any kind of BBQ restaurant for that matter. We’re a simple family; we only eat at foodcourts, hawker centres, coffee shops, or at casual eateries at best. If it’s a special occasion like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, that’s when we would usually go to more lavish restaurants. Other than that. we’re pretty simple – not necessarily thrifty, but simple. So, we made a reservation for that evening… Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet Price List This place is always so packed. If you’re thinking of going in a big group, I would recommend that you make a reservation first. Otherwise, you might just have to wait till you get a table. 1908258_10152146471536464_1679472651266811348_n If I’m not wrong, Ssikkek was started by Korean-Koreans. I mean, step into this place and it’s already like a little Korea. They have Korean movie posters on every wall, they even have TV screens playing Korean music videos and live concerts. Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet

Here’s their buffet spread.

Ssikkek Korean BBQ BuffetThe salad bar

Ssikkek Korean BBQ BuffetCooked food section

Ssikkek Korean BBQ BuffetThe meats

Ssikkek Korean BBQ BuffetThe seafood spread

Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet

Heating up the grill… *Drools*

Ssikkek Korean BBQ BuffetThe meats are really fresh.

Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet I’m a sucker for their fatty meats. It’s the only time I really indulge in heart-clogging anything. If you’re extremely careful about your weight, like I am on most days, you might want to reconsider this place. But of course, they have other stuff that won’t kill you or raise your cholesterol. Just make smart choices, that’s all.

Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet

Ssikkek Korean BBQ BuffetEeks, we’ve both put on weight from the buffets. Sigh… My eyes were tearing from the smoke in the restaurant. Haha. Looked like I just had a tear fest.

Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet

My mum and dad. Do I look like either of them? I think I may be adopted. Haha. Kidding.

I don’t know for sure if they did, but I should think my parents enjoyed the buffet. If you do enough research and have gone a around Singapore to explore the buffet scene, you’ll realise that buffets are getting more and more expensive as Singaporeans are increasingly patronising buffet places over the usual restaurants. Ssikkek is among the more affordable Korean BBQ buffets in Singapore, which is why Darren and I frequent this place whenever we have a carnivorous appetite – well, it’s usually just him. Just a point to note, don’t expect a 5-star service standard here. The are obviously understaffed for the number of people this place accommodates. They do charge the usual 10% service charge, which I personally find ridiculous. You self-serve from start to finish, except when they bring you to your seat and at the end when they take your money. How’s that for service? Anyway, the food is really good – this I can assure you. If you’re living in Singapore and have never visited Ssikkek or never even heard of this place, it’s time you crawl out of your shell! I think they have 2 or 3 outlets, but the one at United Square is the one we usually head to. Remember, 1) make a reservation, 2) make sure your meats are sufficiently cooked before consumption, and 3) you’ll smell like walking piece of smoked meat when you step out of this place, so bring a change of clothes or go straight home (if you don’t want weird stares, that is). It’s a long weekend! Go find time to drop by Ssikkek sometime soon. You’ll love it :) Happy weekend!

Foodie: IKOI Japanese Buffet

While watching Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom at Shaw Lido on Friday night, I already found myself feeling very chilly. At first, I thought it was just the temperature in the theatre, or perhaps the large cup of iced Pepsi I had consumed. Apart from the chills, I was feeling perfectly fine.

After the movie, we cabbed back to my boyfriend’s place and I crashed immediately. I was so tired, I didn’t even get to clean off my makeup.

I think I had the best sleep in weeks. But when I woke up this morning, my throat hurt, my nose was running, my body was aching, and my temperature felt slightly higher than usual. My first thought was about how my weekend was going to be completely wasted – and you have no idea how precious my weekends are now, ever since I started work.

So I spent the afternoon resting at my my boyfriend’s home. But yay!!! I was feeling great by evening time, so my boy decided to try reserving at table at IKOI. We’ve been trying to get a table there for the longest time, but they’re always, always fully booked. This time, we were lucky. We managed to get a table at their sushi counter for their 8 – 10pm slot.

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant Sitting at the sashimi counter. This was my view for the night.

1978640_10152109841106464_1395160463_nFor those who are curious, this is their lunch/dinner buffet menu. Buffet price: $38++ for adults, $22++ for kids below 10 years/under 1.3m in height

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant Me & the boy. I’m wearing my new cosmetic lens from Honey Color. I’ll blog about my purchase soon :)

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant I love you so much… but what  happened :'(

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Vivavandiva Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant I look so tired in this shot.

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant Sake Maki (Salmon & Mayo Roll)

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant Sake & Tako Sashimi (Salmon & Octopus Sashimi)

1964952_10152109841386464_1929431535_nMore Tako Sashimi (2 of 4 rounds)

1982047_10152109841346464_162064631_nGrilled Salmon Head (I love this soooo much)


Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant Salmon Skin Temaki

1531530_10152109841966464_420071657_nIka Tempura (Deep Fried Cuttlefish Tempura)

1891203_10152109842041464_938221857_nTori Karaage (Deep Fried Marinated Chicken)

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant California Maki

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant Tempura Udon

1966749_10152109842341464_1874602964_nDeep Fried Breaded Fish

Ikoi Japanese Buffet Restaurant Grilled Chicken Yakitori

Baby, again, thank you so much. You keep insisting of lavish dinners, even though I tell you I would rather simple ones. I know you’re trying so hard to make things work. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the money you are spending on me, but like I have explained to you for the past 5 years, I’m not a girl that looks at how much money you have in your bank account or how much goes into taking care of my wants and needs.

I just want a guy who loves me enough to respect me – a guy that treasures me enough to make an effort to understand my needs as girl who has been broken one too many times before. I’m not an easy girl and I know that. My scars have left me insecure and very fragile. “High maintenance,” but in a different way.

You keep talking about wanting to spend the rest of your life with me. Maybe it’s because you feel the desperation, especially after what just happened two weeks ago. I would have said a resounding yes prior to that, but right now, I need time to heal. Give me some more time, okay?

I love you so, so much. Everything still hurts like crazy when I think about what went wrong – and I really need time to heal. When you notice me finding it hard to say those 3 words for the past couple of weeks, please try not to feel anything. It’s all part of the recovery process. I can only hope you’ll give me some more time.

You’ve hurt me, deeply. But you’ve also loved me, immensely. And for that reason alone, I’ll put in every bit of energy in trying to make us, us again.