Ma Maison / Haato & Co. with My Girls

I met up with a group of my close girlfriends last week. We been meeting only about 2-3 times a year since we graduated secondary school, which I think is pretty sad. We’ve all taken very different routes, so it’s never really easy to have every single one of us free at any one time. But thank goodness, it’s the year-end and we’re all a little less busy than usual.

Our friendships were built over the course of our secondary school days, but more so during our final year in CHIJ – the year before we left for college and went our separate ways. That year was one of the best (and also worse) years of my life. We were 16, growing up and discovering more about ourselves. While we were under immense pressure to do well for our GCE O Levels, we were also having fun the way most 16-year-olds do.

We parted at 16, and we’re now 23. That’s 7 years on.

We’re all IJ girls, so that’s what keeps us so close till this very day. IJ girls are known to be very ‘wild’ and boisterous. We are stereotyped as being lesbians even. So that should give you a clear picture of what we’re like.

But NOT all of us are like that. Not me at least. I may speak my mind often, but I also know my limits.

Anyhoo, we had dinner at Ma Maison.

Heard of this place before and walked past the outlet at Bugis quite a number of times, but it was my very first time eating there. We went to the Clarke Quay outlet , which was hidden at this little corner at level 3 of The Central.

I ordered the Oven Baked Fish (S$16++), which I expected to be a healthy option.


The generous amount of oil drizzled over the entire dish defeated its purpose :(
But it’s still yummy. Not the best, but still yummy.

Us girls..

Amanda’s Mentaiko Pasta (S$15.90++).
She complained that it was too dry. I just thought it looked bland.

Jean’s Beef Stroganoff Omurice (S$14.80++)

Ma Maison has a 20% off Ladies Night promotion on Mondays.

Whoohoo right? Not.
Those living in Singapore would understand. For those who don’t, let me tell you. Be prepared to pay 17% in taxes when you dine at restaurants. So essentially, a 20% discount just helps us cover the taxes (and a little more), but it’s something no one ever willingly pays for anyway.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about the discount, really. I’m just saying discounts as such barely excite me anymore.

In Singapore, when $$ is involved, whatever goes up, never comes down.


After dinner, we decided to chill over coffee and ice cream at Haato @ Co.

Haato & Co. is located just by the Clarke Quay riverside.

It’s always so bright and colourful around here. Although I come here often, I hardly visit the food places along this stretch.

Priscilla was telling me of this super posh Chinese restaurant nearby. She said that they offer manicures, games, magazines,etc. while customers are waiting their turn in line. Like for real?!? I can’t remember what it’s called, but I’m definitely gonna pop by one day.

Jean, Priscilla and Amanda :)

One last group shot to end the night. We’ll be meeting again when I get back! Can’t wait for that!

In my 23 years, these girls have probably been the most pleasant, down-to-earth and easygoing. Being around them is just all fun and laughter – no bitching, no superficiality.

7 years of friendship and hopefully 70 more :D


Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham

Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham

How many of you actually remember Dr. Seuss? Perhaps the line ‘green eggs and ham’ will sound familiar.
I can’t quite recall when or where I first heard of Dr. Seuss, but I believe I was around 3 when my mum bought me some kinda story book or an audio book.

What is he? Till this very day, I still don’t know if he’s a cat or a dog. Guess my childhood hasn’t found its closure just yet. Not till I figure out what Dr. Seuss really is. Haha.
He doesn’t look cute like piglet from Winnie the Pooh, he doesn’t sound cute like…hmmm…I guess my childhood got lost somewhere. But back to Dr. Seuss, I think what caught my eye was the line ‘green eggs and ham’. Ewww right?

As revolting a thought it may be, green eggs and ham surely sticks with us, doesn’t it? Dr. Seuss wasn’t a huge part of my growing up years, but something just struck me today. Could I have learnt more from him than I did then?

While surfing the net, I discovered that Dr. Seuss was more than just an children’s book icon. Did all these quotes really come from the Dr. Seuss series of story books?

It’s quite heavy for little kiddies, isn’t it?

I mean, when I was that age, I probably didn’t care so much about life to find a need for motivational quotes. But now, I’m reading through them and I’m thinking how much of an impact these sayings can have on a child, if only he/she really understands them.

Look at this one. Like wow? I’ll be like, “mummy, what’s love?”

And the cute ones like this.

If only I had paid enough attention to these, imagine how much more of a person I can be today. Yeah, they may be a little heavy for kids, but they are damn awesome alright.

I think I fell in love with Dr. Seuss again. It makes me wanna go to the library and get some Seuss for juice. It’s inspirational and motivational.

I guess that’s why we never really grow up. No matter how old you are, there’s always more knowledge to absorb, more life lessons to learn, and more experiences to go through.

You know, I’d recommend reading Dr. Seuss again ‘cos it’s quite fascinating to know that a three-year-old kid may be reading these somewhere now and we, as grown-ups, are going “oh yeah, it makes so much sense!”