Change of Plans!

Hey guys! I mentioned in an earlier blogpost that I was gonna leave Singapore for San Francisco on 10th November. But there have been some changes made and I’m actually still in Singapore.

Haven’t updated here ‘cos I’ve been busy clearing up some work and trying to get whatever settled before the 12th of December – yes, that’s the confirmed date of departure!

I’ll be sharing an apartment with the guys from Gushcloud (my boyfriend’s client). My flight was pushed to December because of some hiccups with my accommodation. But now that it’s all settled, I’m all ready to leave 2 weeks from now.

Bags are packed! I’ve got my winter clothing, boots and everything else I need. I’m from sunny Singapore, so I hope I’m not being over dramatic with my winter apparel. Don’t want to look like a tightly wrapped burrito when I’m there. Haha.

I’m still in the midst of clearing up the loose ends of work, but I’m eagerly counting down to the day I leave. Can’t wait!!!

My boyfriend left about 3 weeks ago. It seems like he’s been having lots of fun. He visited the LinkedIn office just last week and if I’m not wrong, he’s set to meet the Paypal guys, Facebook developers, Wongfu Productions, and some other guys from Angelhack.

Everything’s so geeky there. I love geeks ‘cos they’re cool in a weird way. Haha. My boyfriend’s a complete geek, which makes him so awesomely cool and sexy. LOL.

I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy their company. Hope to meet cool people :D

Check back soon!